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Rid Yourself Of Troublesome Acne

Most people grow through puberty and the teenage years with no more than an occasional pimple or other blemishes on the skin. Others have the misfortune of developing full-blown acne, even into adulthood. The physical pain of this problem often pales in comparison to the emotional discomfort. It can evolve into a case of low self-esteem for the person. They end up feeling embarrassed or even ashamed of the sores on their face, back, chest, or elsewhere on the body.


Signs of Acne

The most common indicators of acne on the skin are blackheads and whiteheads, both known as comedones. You will notice blackheads at the surface of the skin. They look black because the pore is open, and oxygen gets to the sore. With whiteheads, the pore is not open, and you see a white sore at the surface of the skin. Blackheads and whiteheads are the most common sores that appear in acne. Resolving these lesions is not that difficult.

The problem lies in more advanced acne cases, where you may be troubled with sores that leave scars on the skin. These are much more serious and usually require an intervention to resolve them. When hair follicles become infected or inflamed, papules may develop. You recognize them as small, raised, red bumps around or in the hair follicles. If you notice small red pimples with pus at the skin’s surface, those are probably pustules. Solid lumps found deeper than the surface of the skin are nodules, and large solid lumps that have pus in them are cysts. Cysts are located below the skin’s surface as well.

Maryland Acne Treatments

Risk Factors for Acne

For years, we have looked at certain foods as causes of acne. Although it’s not specifically chocolate or fries… like we have always heard, a diet high in refined carbs or sugar can contribute to acne conditions. Like corticosteroids or birth control pills, some medications can increase the odds that you experience an acne outbreak. Fluctuations in hormones, as women experience during puberty or pregnancy, may cause acne to appear. Some evidence even exists that it may be hereditary.

Although people are more likely to develop acne during puberty because of hormonal action, acne can occur at any time during a person’s life. When adults experience acne, it’s emotionally upsetting since they are not expecting to be at risk once they move into adulthood.

Acne on Back Treatment

Self Care for Clients with Acne

While Vitality Aesthetics offers treatments for clients with acne issues, we also endorse a regimen of self-care that can help ease acne symptoms at home. Using a mild soap to cleanse your skin daily will help remove dirt and oil that infects pores. Be sure to shampoo your hair regularly, and style it so it doesn’t touch your face. Ensure that any makeup you use is “noncomedogenic.” This means that it won’t clog your pores. Resist the temptation to pick at your acne or squeeze pimples. In fact, try not to touch your face at all. Touching your face, and especially picking or squeezing, will spread excess oil and bacteria.

Let Us Help With Your Acne

At Vitality Aesthetics MedSpa, we offer several options that can help heal and soothe your acne breakouts. Come in for a consultation, and we can discuss medically supervised options for clearing and treating your damaged skin. In addition to treating active acne breakouts, we offer treatments for acne scars that may affect your self-confidence. Contact us today for a consultation appointment.