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I walked into Vitality Aesthetics and was automatically enlightened by the wonderful atmosphere. I was warmly greeted by the staff who were very knowledgeable about the procedure, Plasma Pen Skin Tightening , that I was having done that day. They made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the treatment. I highly recommend Vitality Aesthetics to anyone and will be going back again.


I was not looking to get surgery, but I did want to look a little younger. Being in my 50s, I wanted to appear more youthful for my wife. After a friend of mine tried the Fibroblast Pen Skin Tightening treatment and recommended it, I decided to give it a try. The procedure was easier than I expected. Heather used a numbing cream, which dulled the pain to a tolerable sting. Throughout the treatment, I will return for the second treatment in a series of three, but I immediately noticed results from just the first treatment. My wife noticed and some guys at work did too and asked me about it. This treatment has little downtime with terrific results. I highly recommend Vitality Aesthetics.


I accompanied my wife to Vitality Aesthetics. While I was there, my wife convinced me to get a facial. I had never considered getting a facial so I was reluctant but very pleased with the outcome. My skin looked a lot healthier, more youthful, and my wrinkles were diminished. I definitely will return to Vitality Aesthetics.


I have never been a person who takes care of her skin. I learned about the results-driven treatments Vitality Aesthetics offers and decided to schedule an appointment. The studio was inviting and comfortable and I was warmly welcomed by the managing partner upon my arrival. The skin experts were extremely knowledgable about the treatment options and products to address my skin’s specific needs. After just two treatments, I and my colleagues at work, have noticed real improvements to the texture, hyperpigmentation, and overall condition of my skin. I now take care much better care of my skin through regular appointments and the at-home regimen that was recommended. I definitely recommend Vitality Aesthetics.