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Treatments, Pricing, and Packages

TreatmentDurationPricePackage Price
TreatmentPlasma Pen Skin TighteningDurationVariesPriceComplimentary Consultation RequiredPackage PriceSee Plasma Pen Pricing Page
TreatmentKybella® InjectionsDuration60 min.Price$950/vialPackage PriceVaries by Treatment Plan
TreatmentDaxxify® Neurotoxin InjectionsDuration30 min.PriceComing SoonPackage Price
TreatmentDysport® Neurotoxin InjectionsDuration30 min.Price$5.50/unitPackage Price
TreatmentBotox® Neurotoxin InjectionsDuration30 min.Price$13/unitPackage Price
TreatmentLip flipDuration20 min.Price$90Package Price
TreatmentRestylane® Kysse, Lyft, Contour, Defyne, Refyne Filler Injections, RHA® Filler InjectionsDuration60 min.Price$700/syringePackage Price
TreatmentRHA® Redensity Filler InjectionsDuration60 min.Price$800/syringePackage Price
TreatmentJuvederm® Filler InjectionsDuration60 min.Price$750/syringePackage Price
TreatmentRadiesse® Filler InjectionsDuration60 min.Price$850/syringePackage Price
TreatmentSkinPen® Medical Microneedling + Hyaluronic AcidDuration60 min.Price$495 per treatment areaPackage PricePackages Available Upon Request
TreatmentSkinPen® Medical Microneedling + Growth FactorsDuration75 min.Price$700Package PricePackages Available Upon Request
TreatmentInjections for Hair RestorationDuration75 min.Price$750 up to 8cc, $400 for each additional 4ccPackage PricePackages Available, Consultation Required
TreatmentBio-Revitalizing PRX-T33® "No Peel" Peel or Bio-Revitalizing BioRepeel “No Peel” PeelDuration30 min.PriceWeekly, for 4 weeksPackage PricePRX Series of 4, face, $1000 BioRepeel series of 4, face, $1000 Series of 4, body, consultation required
TreatmentCosmelan Peel, Includes 2 In-Office Treatments and Home Skin Care RegimenDuration30 min.Price$1100Package Price
TreatmentDiamondGlow® Microdermabrasion+HydrafacialDuration60 min.Price$250Package PricePackage of 3, $720
TreatmentPCA Skin® Chemical Peels, ProgressiveDuration30 min.PriceBasic/Sensitive Skin, $160Package PricePackage of 3, $450
TreatmentDurationPriceAdvanced/Corrective, $200Package PricePackage of 3, $570
TreatmentDurationPriceMD, $250Package PricePackage of 3, $705
TreatmentDurationPriceBasic, décolleté add on, $90Package PricePackage of 3, $450
TreatmentDermaplaningDuration30-45 min.Price$100Package PricePackage of 3, $270
TreatmentSculplla H2 Mask with Celluma® LEDDuration60 min.Price$250Package PricePackages Available, Upon Request
TreatmentMicrocurrent FacialDuration60 min.Price$200Package PricePackages Available, Upon Request
TreatmentMedical-Grade, Corrective Signature FacialDurationVariesPriceRevitalize, Full-Spectrum Hemp, Acne, Men's Facials, $120Package Price
TreatmentHigh-Frequency Acnaic Treatment, Add-OnDuration10 min.Price$20Package Price
TreatmentCelluma® LED Light Therapy for Wrinkles/Acne, Add-OnDuration30 min.Price$40Package PricePackage of 3, $110
TreatmentBellanina® Honey Lift Facelift FacialDuration60 min.Price$160Package Price
TreatmentCelluma® LED Light Therapy for Pain ManagementDuration30 min.Price$40Package PricePackage of 3, $110
TreatmentWellness Injections Duration15 min.PriceB12, Vitamin C, Lipo C with MIC, Lipo B with MIC, Glutathine, Vitamin D, Biotin, $30-45Package PricePackages Available Upon Request
TreatmentSteam Waxing Services, Add-OnDuration15-45 min.PriceBrow $25, Lip $26, Chin $26, Double face $36, Triple face $44, Full face $52, Ear $24, Bikini line $52, Bikini line+full leg $122, Brazilian $74, Brazilian+full leg $170, French bikini $60, French bikini+full leg $134, Full arm $48, Half arm $36, Underarm $38, Back $70, Chest $70, Stomach $40Package Price
TreatmentSteam Ozone SaunaDuration30 min.Price$75Package PricePackages Available, Upon Request
TreatmentHormone Replacement Therapy ConsultationDuration60 min.Price$200Package PriceTreatment pricing varies