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Treatments, Pricing, and Packages

TreatmentDurationPricePackage Price
TreatmentPlasma Pen Skin TighteningDurationVariesPriceComplimentary Consultation RequiredPackage PriceSee Plasma Pen Pricing Page
TreatmentDysport®/Xeomin® InjectionsDuration30 min.Price$12.75/cc [Dysport® units have already been converted to Xeomin®/Botox® units]Package Price
TreatmentRestylane® InjectionsDuration30 min.Price$595/ccPackage Price
TreatmentRadiesse® InjectionsDuration30 min.Price$650/vial, 1.5ccPackage Price
TreatmentGrowth Factors + SkinPen® Medical MicroneedlingDuration60 min.Price$595 per treatment areaPackage PricePackage of 3, $1395
TreatmentSkinPen® Medical Microneedling + Hyaluronic AcidDuration60 min.Price$295 per treatment areaPackage PricePackage of 3, $795
TreatmentBio-Revitalizing PRX-T33® "No Peel" Peel + Full Size MoisturizerDuration30 min.PricePackage PriceSeries of 5, $925
TreatmentPCA Skin® Chemical PeelDuration30 min.PriceBasic/Less Aggressive/Sensitive Skin, $150Package PricePackage of 3, $385 Includes Post-Treatment Kit, a $40 Value
TreatmentDurationPriceAdvanced/Corrective/Melasma, $200Package PricePackage of 3, $510 Includes Post-Treatment Kit, a $40 Value
TreatmentDermaplaning Add-OnDurationVariesPrice$60Package PricePackage of 3, $150
TreatmentSculplla H2 Mask with Celluma® LEDDuration60 min.Price$195Package PricePackage of 5, $830
TreatmentMicrocurrent FacialDuration45 min.Price$175Package PricePackage of 3, $460
TreatmentMedical-Grade, Corrective Signature FacialDurationVariesPriceRevitalize, Full-Spectrum Hemp, Acne, Men's Facials, $110Package PricePackage of 3, $280
TreatmentTimeMaster Pro Ultrasound with LED, Add-OnDuration10 min.Price$25Package PricePackage of 3, $65
TreatmentHigh-Frequency Acnaic Treatment, Add-OnDuration10 min.Price$20Package PricePackage of 3, $50
TreatmentCelluma® LED Light Therapy for Wrinkles/Acne, Add-OnDuration30 min.Price$35Package PricePackage of 3, $90
TreatmentBellanina® Honey Lift Facelift FacialDuration60 min.Price$150Package PricePackage of 3, $385
TreatmentCelluma® LED Light Therapy for Pain ManagementDuration30 min.Price$40Package PricePackage of 3, $105
TreatmentHyaluron Pen Needleless InjectionsDurationVariesPrice$250 for 2ccPackage Price

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